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[reliks] is the must visit destination when browsing Chattanooga antique stores. They specialize in eclectic pieces, vintage home furnishings, painted/reupholstered furniture and hidden treasures from all over the city.

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[reliks] has has been  in the spotlight of Chattanooga antique stores since it’s opening in East Ridge.  Convenience and a stellar collection of antiques have made [reliks] one of Chattanooga’s most popular lookouts for traveling antique hunters and serious collectors across the southeast.  As your looking for Chattanooga antiques [reliks] is easily accessible from any point in the city.  Click below for directions from Google Maps.


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Talented & Professional

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Tina has lived in Chattanooga since 2006, originally from Southeast Missouri, she has a background in antiques and collectibles, sales and marketing, and is also a power seller on EBay.  A graduate of Central Florida College; starting in the antiques and restoration field, evolving into sales and design; she has a interest in blending old & new, transitional styles, repurposing & adding to your existing design.

Allen is a Veteran from the 1st Gulf War and has an extensive 20 year background as a master auto technician, and is a graduate from Seminole College in Florida. In the landscape of Chattanooga antique stores, Allen is a fixture able to repair and restore a wide range of delicate pieces.  He can build custom furniture and refinish, paint, and fix nearly anything.

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Why let your family heirlooms collect dust in the garage?  Bring in your special pieces and let [reliks] restore them to their original condition.  Are you thinking of selling an antique?  Get more through reconditioning.  Don’t let your valuable furniture deteriorate over time, restore and let your family enjoy what is passed down to you with [reliks]


We make your space unique


Whether your looking for the perfect fit for your great room or needing to refurnish your entire home or office, [reliks] has a large variety of items catering to every taste.  Browse often because our selections are aways changing.

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